M-Series Recorders


OpenEye manufactures a broad range of recording solutions from embedded analog recorders to enterprise level network video systems and everything in between. OpenEye recorders can be configured to fit a wide range of applications and scaled from one system to hundreds. From pre-sales support to in-house technical support, OpenEye truly offers customers an end to end solution.

OpenEye Recorders


OpenEye offers customers a wide selection of camera solutions from analog to IP, fixed, PTZ, IR, and joystick controllers. OpenEye cameras save installers time and make installation easy with features like below ceiling service jacks, 3 axis gimbal positioning, and a special quick install adapter. Try an OpenEye camera today to ease your installs.

OpenEye Cameras


OpenEye software is designed to complement the full line of recording solutions and cameras. Use OpenEye software to remotely manage your recorders, view system cameras on your mobile device, or use POS data analysis to reduce shrink. OpenEye software is compatible with all OpenEye recording solutions.

OpenEye Software